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Custom 1D & 2D Barcode Services

Custom 1D Rack Barcode Service

The standard barcoded racks of Micronic – Loborack-96, Roborack-96, Arctic Rack-24 and the ULT Rack Range – are provided with a unique laser-etched barcode on one side of the rack (type 128B). Besides the standard barcoded racks, Micronic also offers the service to supply laser-etched 1D barcodes in customized formats.

For more information please contact us or request the custom 1D barcode service form <here>

Custom 2D Tube Code Service

The standard 2D Data-Matrix codes of Micronic have a 12x12 symbol size in 96-well rack format and a 14x14 symbol size in 48-well and 24-well rack format, following the ECC200 standards. The 2D Data-Matrix code consists of 10 predefined digits and is guaranteed unique. Besides the standard 2D Data-Matrix codes, Micronic offers the service to supply 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes in customized formats. The customized 2D Data-Matrix codes have a 14x14 symbol size in 96-, 48- and 24-well tube format. This enables you to include an extra uniqueness to the code of your Micronic sample storage tubes.

For more information please contact us or request the custom 2D code service form <here>

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