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Tube Configurator

Handheld Wireless Scanner MINI

The Wireless Scanner MINI enables users to read tube and rack codes instantly. The small lightweight device is practical to carry around, easy-to-use and can read any 1D barcode or 2D Data-Matrix code on 24-, 48- and 96-well format tubes and racks. Due to its compact size and wireless operation, the Handheld Wireless Scanner MINI offers convenient, high performance scanning anywhere where you might need it. A high capacity lithium polymer battery provides a long lasting minimum of 15,000 2D scans! Easy to recharge through a USB connection the battery will provide approximately 10-12 hours of continuous use.

Scan time
Tube/rack code reading

: USB cable only
: < 1 second
: 80 grams / 0.17 lbs
: 2D Data-Matrix codes and 1D barcodes

Superior Features

  • Instantly reads 2D and 1D codes
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows and Bluetooth dongles attached to any laptop
  • Incredible internal storage of approximately 15.000 2D scans and 17.000 1D scans
  • Practical to carry and use - light weight and small device
  • Easy to charge via USB connection
  • Personalized configuration with time, date, user, project name, and other useful data
  • Reads directly into a LMS system, Excel spreadsheet or notepad
  • Long-lasting battery through 10-12 hours of continuous usage
Download more information on the Wireless Scanner MINI here:
Art. nr. Description Unit
    MP55127Handheld Wireless Scanner MINI1 unit

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